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freestyle balance board
freestyle balance board


With COSTABOARD we invented the “freestyler” of all balance boards.
Why “freestyle”?
 Our COSTABOARD is not just your average balance board that is supposed to be used just as a fitness tool for other sports. It’s invented to make you more creative. It will definitely increase the heartbeat of every boarder.

Why is the COSTABOARD built the way it is? Because it’s designed to bring you ultimate fun! If you like to swing back and forth you’d better chill in a hammock.

The benefits of our freestyle balance board are that you train your balance and coordination skills in a playful way and at the same time your imagination can roam over a huge variety of tricks and moves. There are no limits!

There are several special specs of our COSTABOARD that create the unique freestyle ride experience (check out all specs below). The main role plays the rocker shape (that we invented as the first ones in the balance board game), the flex that makes it different from a regular, stiff piece of wood and our cork roller which is perfectly designed for our COSTABOARD. 
The interplay of all components makes our board lighter, faster and more agile.

The COSTABOARD is built for you to discover it and make more tricks than ever.
Of course you train your balance and all the muscles you need for several other board sports. This just happens naturally while you work on your next dope trick. The more tricks you try and land, the more motivated you’ll become.

Once motivated you will keep on going, improving yourself, improving your fitness, balance and your overall mood.
And that’s what it’s all about - STAY STOKED!



All COSTABOARD specs summed up:

+ WOOD PRINT: sexy, plastic-free prints, perfect grip barefoot and with shoes

+ ROUNDED EDGES: for a better look and feel

+ OG COSTABOARD SHAPE: nose and tail for your ultimate tricks variations

+ ROCKER SHAPE: our board is bent like a banana which translates into a natural riding experience; makes your board faster and turns easier 

+ FLEX: the unique “sandwich construction” brings elasticity to the board; nicer riding experience and better for more tricks

+ LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: makes the board very easy to turn; gives the board a lot of “pop” for pro tricks (meaning you can more easily “kick the board into the air”). Perfect, lightweight travel companion.

+ REGULAR or STRONG: to ensure the right flex for you depending on your weight ( <100 kg = REGULAR, >100 kg = STRONG)

+ MATERIAL: wood from Europe

+ DIMENSIONS: 78 x 31 cm x 1,2 cm (REGULAR) / 1,6 cm (STRONG)

+ WEIGHT: REGULAR 1,3 kg, STRONG: 1,7 kg