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The Original Freestyle Balance Board


We offer free shipping worldwide. Fairness is our motto and that's why we treat everyone equally, no matter where he * she lives. As soon as your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive an email from DHL with a confirmation plus a shipment number to see where your COSTABOARD is currently Please note that we cannot send your COSTABOARD package to packing stations because it is too big and will otherwise be automatically sent back to us. Exception: If you only order the NLG SPHERE, it is not a problem. If you have not received a confirmation e-mail, please check your spam folder, the e-mails will land there;). You can find more about our shipping conditions here under "Shipping and delivery conditions".
We know that you are on fire to get on your new COSTABOARD as soon as possible. That is why we do our best to keep the delivery time as short as possible. As a rule, we make your order ready for dispatch within one working day - i.e. Monday to Friday - and then hand it over to DHL. In some cases it can take two working days. If you order on a Friday or on the weekend, your package will be on its way to you on Monday. How long will it take for my order to arrive? Delivery times from DHL (details without guarantee, subject to change): - Germany: 1-2 working days- Austria: 2-5 working days- Switzerland: 4-7 working days For delivery times to all other countries just check the DHL homepage or write us an email at contact@costaboard.com
Every COSTABOARD is delivered together with the COSTABOARD ROLL. Specs COSTABOARD: Material: Wood from Europe Dimensions: 78 x 31 x 1.2 cm (REGULAR) / 1.6 cm (STRONG) Weight: REGULAR 1.3 Kg, STRONG 1.7 Kg To guarantee the optimal FLEX of the board , we build the COSTABOARD in two versions: If you weigh less than 100 kg, choose REGULAR. If you have more than 100 kg, please choose STRONG. Both versions cost the same. Specs COSTABOARD ROLL: Material: environmentally friendly cork from Portugal Dimensions: approx. 40 x 10 cm (diameter) Specs NLG SPHERE: Material: natural rubber, made in Hungary Dimensions: approx. 6 cm diameter Color: Black If you are looking for a new challenge, have a look our NLG SPHERE, it makes the COSTABOARDEN even more exciting. Can I order the COSTABOARD ROLL individually? We're sorry, the reel is only available with the COSTABOARD, because both are perfectly coordinated for maximum fun. Is the COSTABOARD more for beginners or pros? Our COSTABOARD adapts to every fitness level and is something for beginners, intermediates and pros. Is the COSTABOARD suitable for children? There is no age limit for the COSTABOARD, neither downwards nor upwards;). In the beginning, we definitely recommend assistance, e.g. holding onto the wall or a person and starting on a soft surface (carpet). Just let your child try it out; you can return the board to us up to three months after receipt if your child doesn't like it. Can I use the COSTABOARD as a skimboard? No, please not! The COSTABOARD should not be confused with a skimboard. Don't take it into the water. That wouldn't do the wood so good! Do I need a mat for the COSTABOARD? Most people use a mat under the COSTABOARD. This is not absolutely necessary as the cork roll is not slippery. However, we recommend it to protect your floor or to make the ground (e.g. lawn) even. Is the COSTABOARD suitable for physiotherapy? We know that our COSTABOARD is now also successfully used in physiotherapy. However, please specifically seek the advice of your doctor!
We are working on offering our boards in shops near you in the future. If you need help with your order or have a question, just send us a short email to contact@costaboard.com. If you have any questions about an existing order, please give us your order number and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Is it possible to pick up the COSTABOARD directly in Berlin? Unfortunately, this is not yet possible. But we are working on realizing that for you in the near future.
You want to send your COSTABOARD back to us? You are not satisfied, it was intended as a gift and yet not the right thing, your board is just in the corner? We give you the opportunity to buy your board ito be returned to us within three months of receipt - even with signs of use! Just write us an email at contact@costaboard.com. We will then send you a return slip by email and refund your money as soon as we have the board back with us. Is your board damaged or even broken? No problem, it can happen. We want you to get back on your COSTABOARD quickly and we will exchange it for you free of charge.




The COSTABOARD is a balance board - but not an ordinary one! It's The Original Freestyle Balance Board. Why Freestyle? Because it was built to be fun while learning new tricks. Invent your own tricks and "Follow your dreams"!
surf balance board
surf balance board


Here at COSTABOARD we are sharing our passion for fun sport with all of you!
Your love and support have been empowering us to create a space where everyone is encouraged to be better and this goes beyond just COSTABOARD tricks and moves.

COSTABOARDING is our movement, our sport, and you guys are our community. 
Let’s have fun together, meet new people, inspire and motivate each other and learn new COSTABOARD tricks and moves that we can share.

Our community is bigger than we’ve ever expected or could have dreamt of.

You guys are awesome and we are grateful to have a community like this.

It is incredible to see how you guys are surprising us with new tricks, to see the improvement of all of you and the way you challenge each other.

We’re committed to make COSTABOARDING a fun global sport that brings joy to more and more people all over the place.

They say, “The sky is the limit” and we love to fly high as the “High Ollie” trick that you can learn on the COSTABOARD. We know that the journey might be long but we love a good challenge!