Here at COSTABOARD we are sharing our passion for fun sport with all of you!
Your love and support have been empowering us to create a space where everyone is encouraged to be better and this goes beyond just COSTABOARD tricks and moves.

COSTABOARDING is our movement, our sport, and you guys are our community. 
Let’s have fun together, meet new people, inspire and motivate each other and learn new COSTABOARD tricks and moves that we can share.

Our community is bigger than we’ve ever expected or could have dreamt of.

You guys are awesome and we are grateful to have a community like this.

It is incredible to see how you guys are surprising us with new tricks, to see the improvement of all of you and the way you challenge each other.

We’re committed to make COSTABOARDING a fun global sport that brings joy to more and more people all over the place.

They say, “The sky is the limit” and we love to fly high as the “High Ollie” trick that you can learn on the COSTABOARD. We know that the journey might be long but we love a good challenge!


Get inspired by how our team riders take COSTABOARDING to the next level.
Stay tuned for fresh updates.

If you’d like to be featured in our future posts send us your pictures and videos, we love to see your process, including all fails.


balance board trainingseffekt


With your COSTABOARD you train all your abs, your lumbar muscles, your back extensors and deep back muscles. Your entire core is activated while COSTABOARDING.

While doing several COSTABOARD tricks and exercises you work out your muscles in combination with a natural movement. The engagement of all your muscle groups together, specifically your core muscles and the autochthonous muscular system (which makes you walk upright) leads to an improvement of your balance and coordination skills. Being able to react faster is especially important in a lot of fun and extreme sports. 
The better your balance, the better will be holding your stance on your board too. We call that a win-win situation!

The learning curve regarding your balance is really fast.In just a few days you will experience moments of success, that’s our promise.

An improved balance and stability will help you with sports like surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, wakeskating, longboarding, free running, parkour and all other sports that require a strong physique and good posture when moving.