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Is the role included?
Yes, the roller is included with every Costaboard.

For whom is the Costaboard suitable for?
For everyone who wants to improve their balance for themselves or for other sports.
For everyone who just wants to have fun with friends inside or outside.
For all those who are not necessarily very sporty on the go.
For everyone who wants to do sport spontaneously, easily and quickly.
For everyone who wants to have fun regardless of mountains, locations or weather.

From what age is the Costaboard suitable?
It all depends on your height and weight. The fun really starts from around 4 years of age.

Up to what body weight is the board suitable?
We have two board variants so that everyone can benefit from the special construction of the Costaboard.
The "REGULAR" board is suitable for a weight of up to 120 kg.
The "STRONG" board even goes far beyond that. We tested it with 140Kg.
We recommend taking the "REGULAR" up to a body weight of 100 kg and the "STRONG" above that. Variant.

Do I need a mat?
No, you don't need it for now. The cork roll is soft enough. If you want to protect your wooden floor, I offer a thin underlay. But you can easily start without a mat to get a feeling for what you need.

What is the best way to start with the Costaboard?
Preferably with a friend holding you or something you can hold on to. We will also email you instructions. There you will get the best tips and tricks for the start.

How long will it take before I can balance board?
1-2 days, then you will feel very good on the board. The learning curve is very steep and after 2-3 weeks you can easily do your first tricks or balance movements.
After 2-3 months you will be amazed at the complicated tricks you can do on the board and others will be impressed.

What material is the Costaboard made of?
The Costaboard is made of real wood. We have a special sandwich construction that although it is wood it doesn't feel like a Glotz wood.

Can I pick up the board from you?
Sure, you are welcome to come to our workshop in Berlin Schöneweide. Please send us an e-mail beforehand so that we can take some time for you.

What about the environment and nature?
Environment, nature and people are the basis of our brand. In addition to the basic things such as green electricity, short distances, environmentally friendly materials and packaging, we always strive to do more and thereby motivate others to strengthen awareness of the environment and nature.

Is the Costaboard also available under a different name?
No, it does not exist. There are now many brands that look similar to the Costaboard. This has nothing to do with the Costaboard and our philosophy of honesty, trust, friendship and environmental awareness. We are still proud of it, at least that shows us where we stand ;)

Can I just cancel after trying the Costaboard?
Sure, it's important to us that you have fun. If you don't have fun with the Costaboard, we don't want to tie our board to your stomach. You can cancel it at any time within 3 months simply by email, even if your board already shows signs of use.

What happens if I break the Costaboard?
Then you will get a new one from us for free. We want you to have fun and try yourself. If you break your board more than once we would call you to make sure you mean it and most importantly give you some tips on how to avoid it.

How stable is the Costaboard?
Yes, our board is very light, but due to the construction it is extremely stable.

Where does the Costaboard come from?
We build all Costaboards in our own workshop in Berlin Schöneweide.

Do you ship to Switzerland?
Yes, we ship worldwide and have enthusiastic Costaboarders in over 55 countries.

Do I have to pay the shipping?
The Shipping is within Europe for free. For Switzerland and other Countries you will be charged for shipping.

Do I have to pay customs duties?
If you live outside the EU and in Switzerland you have to pay customs duties for the delivery. This amount varies depending on the country and purchase price.
Write us an e-mail and we can calculate this individually for you.
If you live in Switzerland or Great Britain you also have to pay customs duties.