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Here at COSTABOARD we spent the last 8 years inspiring people with our board and our incredible community. This is what keeps us going and what makes us want to be an even better company for the environment and for humans than we already are. You guys are our daily motivation!

We try to work as eco-friendly as possible. We want to serve humanity and the environment and not exploit them and we think that every company should share those values and aim for that for a better tomorrow.

- Our boards are made of European wood and crafted in Berlin. So we can keep transportation routes as short as possible.
- Our roller is made of eco-friendly cork from Portugal.
- The NLG SPHERE is made from natural rubber in Hungary.
- Our prints look stunning and are absolutely plastic-free.
- Our cardboard box is 100% made of recycled materials.
- The packaging of our NLG SPHERE is compostable.
- Our stickers are eco-friendly and made of organic, compostable cellulose.
- We support several social and ecological projects for our environment and nature.


We keep the philosophy of our brand simple. Harmony is key. Harmony between the entire team, with our clients, our partners, our suppliers, shipping providers, with everyone we interact with.
We want to make a difference and want our product to create a truly positive impact for our customers through inspiration, honesty and the desire to spread happiness with our COSTABOARD.

We’re committed to make COSTABOARDING a global fun sport any time, anywhere! Regardless of your location, your physique and your fitness level. We think that any additional fun sport in your life is an enrichment. We want you to feel the power when you are able to control your balance. We want you to realize how it feels once the unstable becomes stable and how it feels to grow with every challenge.
And we want you to feel the stoke, the incredible feeling once you finally land a trick, after trying for so long and not wanting to stop because you are fully in the flow. While practicing, you will also learn what it feels like to grow beyond yourself.
That’s what creates real happiness. And with a bit more happiness, we believe, things in your life just flow a bit better. We create our little contribution to it and work on making it bigger and bigger.