The new gadget in our COSTABOARD family that will take your COSTABOARDING to the next level!
Our NLG SPHERE is a natural rubber ball which is perfectly designed for our COSTABOARD - this will bring you a hell of a fun experience.

It might look like a boring ball but don’t be fooled - it’s not!
The momentum created by the SPHERE is very different from the roller, it’s unpredictable and 360° in all directions, super exciting stuff.

It might seem like the SPHERE is only something for advanced riders but every balance board beginner can enjoy a good ride on our SPHERE. All you need is a bit of trust in yourself and a hand full of courage.
The feeling you get is even closer to a surf session and the feeling of riding a wave - you will be stoked for sure!

Just try to keep your balance as long as possible on the SPHERE and while doing this you automatically train your core and your leg muscles. 
Pretty good deal if you ask us.

The NLG SPHERE is wrapped in a black foil that might look like plastic to you. The only difference, it’s no plastic! 
You can throw it out on your compost and it will decompose within 3-6 months. 
Looks good and does good for the environment.
The sticker on it is compostable too. 

material: natural rubber, made in Hungary

dimensions: approx. 6 cm in diameter 

color: black

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