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Presenting you one of the 2021 designs of our most recent COSTABOARD ARTIST SERIES Ocean Awareness Collection by the artist Alex Rosa.

This COMMERCIAL FISHING & BYCATCH Design is meant to criticize the unnecessary killings of enormous amounts of marine animals caused by the fishing industry. Some shark species have been losing up to 80-90% of their population over the last decades while they are crucial to keep the oceans healthy. Sharks in particular are one of the main victims of fishing bycatch. We must protect them!

This design shows a great white shark tangled up in a fishing net. Discarded fishing gear causes great damage to animals as it continues the killing with no purpose for years. This board represents the tragic fate many sharks (and other species) are facing with the current practices of the commercial fishing industry.

Alex Rosa adds: “As an ocean lover, this reality is mind-blowing to me and made me want to draw attention to it. Hopefully, people may realize that reducing fish consumption is a direct contribution to reverse this problem in the future and save many sharks’ lives.”

Ride this special COSTABOARD model and raise awareness for COMMERCIAL FISHING & BYCATCH!

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