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Presenting you one of the 2021 designs of our most recent COSTABOARD ARTIST SERIES Ocean Awareness Collection by the artist Alex Rosa.

This Plastic Pollution design is meant to raise awareness for one of the greatest threats our oceans are currently facing: plastic litter! Plastic derives from fossil fuels, it never fully disappears, rather disintegrates into smaller pieces - microplastics. Plastic debris is often ingested by marine animals, including birds, turtles, dolphins, and fish that often mistake them as food. This design is showing the similarity of jelly fish and plastic bags floating around in the ocean, leading to the deaths of many turtles and other species.

Alex Rosa comments: “If things remain as they are, it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050! To picture our oceans filled with as much plastic as marine animals concerns me a lot and is something that we MUST ACT upon. We can help by banning single-use plastic, by recycling plastic, by adopting biodegradable alternatives, and by participating in local beach clean-ups.”

Ride this COSTABOARD model, enjoy the art on the board and raise awareness for PLASTIC POLLUTION!

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